Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated for Ultimate Sensation

If you want not just the regular ribs but a really deep set of ribs, then this condom variant is highly recommended for you. Its special rib design is very unique and is primarily created for increased stimulation. For those who wants extra pleasure and sensitivity, this condom may be the one they’re looking for all along.

trojan ultra ribbedTrojan Ultra Ribbed is made from high quality latex rubber, and comes with a very smooth lubricant for added comfort. And like most Trojan condoms, it has a reservoir end to assure users of extra safety and protection. But aside from the added pleasure that this condom provides, Trojan is fairly known for its reliability. They use electronic testing on all of their condoms and this one is triple tested for full assurance of quality. These ones come in regular thickness so it is always best to grab the size that is ideal for you.

Do note though, that this condom is for those who want it deep and hard. So it is not recommended for first-timers. Some women may feel that the ribs are a little too harsh. Be sure to be mindful of that, especially if you’re using this variant for the first time.

Needless today, each user’s reaction to this condom varies, so don’t forget to ask your partner about it. For some women it will feel great. However, others may not feel the difference. And there will be some who will say that it somewhat feels uncomfortable. To be on the safe side and to know if this condom is worthy of a second try, consult with your partner.
A super value pack of the Trojan Ultra Ribbed is currently available, sold as low as $8.45. The pack comes in 36 counts. You only need to try these ones once to know if the ultimate ribbed pleasure is for you. So grab a pack now and see how well it works.

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