Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy Ultrasmooth: Your Kind of Thing

It can’t be denied that for a lot of people, condoms and ecstasy are one and the same. And that’s the only cue that Trojan needs to create Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy Ultrasmooth. But even if this condom is referred to as such, you’ll be surprised it is adequately ribbed as well.

trojan ultra smooth ecstasySo how can something ultra smooth come down ribbed? Well, that’s the mystery that you have to unlock. The condom is very smooth because of the special lubricant that it comes with. And because it is slippery and nice, you’ll feel very natural using it. It’s perfectly smooth both from the inside and out. The ribs are all found outside, and they’re there to make your partner feel most stimulated. Ribs are found both at the base of the condom as well as on its end. So the stimulations can definitely come from everywhere!

The shape of this condom adds up to its unique qualities as well. Trojan calls it as the Comfort Shape, as it allows users a lot of easy movements during intercourse. And that is indeed an added point to its most natural feel. Furthermore, the condom is tapered at the end and doesn’t have a reservoir. So if you’re looking for a condom without a tip, then you’ve got here a very good product to try.
Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy Ultrasmooth is made from high quality latex. Each condom is electronically tested to assure reliability and help reduce the risks of conceiving or acquiring sexually transmitted infections. Trojan Condoms are made in the USA, and this particular kind costs an average of $10 per pack of 10.

Use this condom properly and get the size that fits you best. You’ll then feel the best sensations and the nicest stimulations. Have it on and you’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. Your partner will feel the same way too – but she’ll definitely know that there is something different with you.

Interested to try it? You can order it from here.

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