LifeStyles THRYLL Condoms

lifestyle sthryllPartners who are looking for a special kind of thrill while using a condom are most likely going to find what they’re looking for in the LifeStyles THRYLL condom. THRYLL is a latex-made condom but has minimal latex scent. Those who have high tolerance to this material can very well use it.

What makes THRYLL unique is it ultra studded design. Its special texture makes the condom stand out from the rest. THRYL is specifically created to provide maximum stimulation to couples. This condom contains more than 100 raised studs made of high quality latex rubber, placed in the most ideal places. The result is a full sensual ride for the partners.
Women will be stimulated most by this condom because of the ridges it comes with. Men, on the other hand, will achieve total satisfaction throughout the intercourse. Together, they will experience the pleasure that they’re looking for, without compromising security and protection.

The 100+ textured studs are simply the best features of this condom as they provide both stimulation and comfort. The special lubrication that it comes with is guaranteed not to dry out during or after use. THRYLL is specifically designed to provide the most thrilling ride with a condom as possible.
The LifeStyles THRYLL condoms are specially lubricated and come with a reservoir tip for comfort and extra safety. This condom is highly recommended for couples who wanted superior protection against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

The LifeStyles THRYLL condoms are regular-sized condoms with a base with of 2 inches and length of 7.5 inches (52 mm x 190 mm). These condoms are widely available online and sell at an average price of $8.99 per pack of 12. LifeStyles is a trusted condom brand, offering a wide range of condom variants to consumers worldwide.

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