Lifestyles 3Sum condom

lifestyles 3sumIf you are familiar with the popular Lifestyles Triple Pleasure condom, you should try the LifeStyles 3Sum. This condom is designed with ribs at the head as well as strategically placed stimulating studs along the shaft to offer enjoyable pleasure. When combined with the pleasure shape and the extra texture, the Lifestyles 3Sum condom will definitely offer triple the fun.
Lifestyles make condoms to meet the highest standards globally and the 3Sum is no different.

They are snugger fitting condoms, thanks to their shorter and slimmer design. The fun starts with these condoms when the prominent ribs are added around the head and the stimulating studs go up as well as down the shaft.

You will get extra sensation top to bottom from the loads of texture. In addition to that, the contour shape ensures a secured fit with additional pleasure at the top, making it a true world-class condom.

If you have been dreaming about a threesome, this Lifestyles 3sum condom will allow you to do enjoy this on every sexual encounter. It is offering tons of features in a very small package. You really won’t need permission to have this type of 3sum as both you and your partner will love it. If you are a man you’ll enjoy the comfortable ergonomic fit, the level of heat transferred and the sensitivity. Your girlfriend will love the studded shaft and ribbed head. These amazing features are combined with a high-quality silicone lubricant for a super slippery, long lasting sensation.

With Lifestyles 3Sum condom you can prepare to enjoy all your wildest sexual adventures. This condom will provide you with a triple dose of intense pleasure. The textured, contoured latex condom is offering both studs and ribs for the most intense and extreme sexual simulations possible. Interested to try it? Order it online today.

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