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Sir Richard’s Classic Ribbed Condoms

sirrichards ribbedThe Sir Richard’s brand of condoms may have only been around since 2009, but their condoms are rapidly becoming popular with condom users. The company focuses on manufacturing premium quality condoms with a conscience. The company uses all natural latex and shuns the use of chemicals like parabens, glycerin and spermicides, which are commonly used in most other major condom brands. Their condoms are also vegan certified and approved by the animal rights organization PETA. In addition, when you buy a Sir Richard’s condom, the company donates a condom to people and communities which need them.

The Sir Richard’s Classic Ribbed condom is crafted in a traditional condom style but with the added benefit of texture from ribbing which is present on the entire length of the condom. The ribbing helps to provide additional stimulation and enhanced sensation for your partner. The condoms typically come in packs of 3 and 12 condoms. The condoms feature a receptacle at the tip. Since Sir Richard’s uses the highest quality natural latex, their condoms have very little latex odor, unlike many other brands which can have a strong latex odor, especially upon opening the condom package.

Instead of harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals used by major condom brands, the Classic Ribbed condom takes advantage of higher quality, more natural ingredients like corn starch and magnesium carbonate. The corn starch is uses to stop the latex from sticking to itself inside the package. It also helps the condom to unroll more smoothly. The magnesium carbonate is used to help retain the strength and durability of the condom.

Used correctly, Sir Richard’s condoms offer excellent protection from sexually transmitted diseases and are also effective for prevention of pregnancy. Their condoms are also FDA approved and electronically tested for superior durability and reliability.

Sir Richard’s premium brand of condoms can now be found in most major drug stores and many online stores. For the best price and discrete shipping order them at Undercovercondoms online shop