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Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded

okamoto beyond seven studdedThe Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded is another popular studded condom on the market. Let’s take a little look.
At the heart of the Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded condom are those studs. They appear up and down the shaft. The idea of these studs is to create friction in the vagina. As we all know, intense friction like this is going to lead to intense amounts of pleasure. Even the shortest and tamest strokes could make a difference.

It is not just the ladies who can look forward to a pleasurable experience though. Men will be pleased to know that this particular condom is made from a material known as Sheerlon. Sheerlon is a new form of latex which is very strong. The benefit of it being strong is that it can be made to be very thin and yet still retain its durability. This means men will be able to feel everything during sex and some may even even forget that they are wearing a condom! The great thing about these thin condoms is that the safety is not compromised at all!

The Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded condom is only lightly lubricated. If you wish to use it to its full capability then it is suggested that you use your own lubricant. Of course, like with all latex based condoms, only water based and silicone based lubricants can be used.
If you are searching for a brilliant condom that is almost guaranteed to deliver a pleasurable experience for both of you then it is suggested that you take a look at the Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded condom. To order it visit our recommended online condom vendor.