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Caution Wear Wild Rose

wild rose caution wearUsing condoms is the best way to protect you from any harm and untoward incident associated with unsafe sex. And one of the many choices you have for condoms is Caution Wear Wild Rose. Do you want to know what makes it different from all the rest? Read on.

Caution Wear Wild Rose comes in a special design that manufacturers call the speed bumps. Speed bumps are ribs that can provide couples with that special sensation they are looking for while wearing condoms. The ribs are specially designed to stimulate both partners, unlike most other types.

But more than just that, Caution Wear Wild Rose is also made thinner to become more sensitive. With a thickness of a mere 0.0027 inches, you can almost be sure that you’ll feel everything you wanted to feel with it, as if you’re not wearing anything at all.
Safety and protection are also one of the best features of this condom. Manufacturers attest that they have performed 100% electronic testing on these condoms to make sure that they won’t fail under the strains. So it’s not just the pleasure and sensations that you’ll enjoy – you’ll have peace of mind too.

Caution Wear Wild Rose comes in a length of 7.5 inches and a base, shaft, and head width of 2 inches. It is designed with a reservoir tip for added protection and uses water-based lubrication. The condom is available in a pack of 3, 12, 36, and 100. The average prices for these are $1.99, $4.49, $8.99, and $17.99 respectively.

The users of this condom have different views of the product after using it. Some say that its thinness is still not enough; but most agree that it feels rather sensitive, thanks to the ridges. From one look, it may not seem different from other condoms. But after wearing and using it, you’ll feel what Caution Wear is all about. You can order your pack online.