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What’s in the Atlas Studded Condoms?

For couples who are looking for that extra texture to attain that extra pleasure, the Atlas Studded Condoms is just what they need. This condom can provide that added sensation everyone seems to be looking for. Atlas is a brand that offers two more condom variants, such as the Extra Large and the Non-Lubricated ones, on top of the studded types. And of the three, the latter is the one that had captured the interest of many.

atlas studdedThese studded condoms from Atlas come adequately lubricated. The lube they use is a special silicone formulation that ideally matches the smooth latex of the condom. The condom is designed with a reservoir tip. It is also very silky to the touch. The raised studs of the condom, which is actually the product’s most salient points, are specially textured to provide the pleasure that couples need. The result is a highly improved sexual pleasure as experienced by users.

Aside from the studs, sensitivity and comfort are two of the other more prominent features of this condom brand. These studs are not just studs – they are actually a group of uneven bumps, ridges, and grooves, which effectively add more to the condom’s overall sensual effect. Stimulation, arousal, and pleasure are simply the most welcome add-ons of this condom.
Every texture and shape integrated into Atlas condoms is a result of the new technology the company is using in the condom’s production process. The studs, when added to the clear yet very strong latex material, results in the optimum protection couples are looking for during intercourse.

The Atlas studded condoms come in packs of 12, 24, and 48. A bag of 100 condom pieces is available as well. Each condom is regular-sized and straight-shaped. The usual width is 2.09 inches by 7.09 inches or 53mm x 180mm. The average price of the 12-pack Atlas studded condom is $4.99. Check the best price here.