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Mankind has had the genuine knack of conjuring up a product and experimenting with it. To improve the design, to improve its efficacy and its profitability has been the motive behind each and every product design. While this might be with the sole aim of differentiating from the competitors, some do it just for the betterment of the world as a place. In the sphere of condoms, a wider variety of individuals and companies alike have been trying to bring about changes to increase pleasure and wearer comfort while at the same time maintaining higher levels of efficiency at what it is intended to do – protect from pregnancy and the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

One such condom which is known to increase the pleasure experience by the female partner (in some variants the male partner too) is a class which goes by the name of ‘Ribbed Condoms’. As the name gives away, unlike the conventional condom the textured ones possess ridges along its outer surface which enhances the level of stimulation that the female is subjected to during intercourse. Textured condoms come in different types too! Some of them being ribbed, studded or even a combination of both. While the ribbed ones have ridges along the circumference of the outer body, the studded ones consist of tiny bumps on the outer surface which helps stimulation. Products are also available which target particular sections of the vagina and also those which provide enhanced pleasure to the condom wearer by the means of textures and bulbs on the inside of the condom.

The ribbed condoms can be worn by an individual who wants to indulge in safe and protected sex with their partners. There is no restriction per se. However, some ladies do face vaginal irritation upon the use of textured condoms – the same must be checked for before continued usage of this class of condoms. There are countless number of benefits that may be apparent from the use of textured condoms. To name some, heightened pleasure levels, mutual understanding, better confidence on the part of the male are some of the many benefits associated with the usage of textured condoms. While some may prefer it for many reasons, others shun away from the concept of using textured condoms. At the end of the day, the choice lies in the hands of the user and picking between conventional condoms and textured condoms is a matter of a quick decision.

There are many popular textured condoms available at present in the market. The mantra is that when it comes to sex, people love experimenting to keep things spiced up on the bed! Some of the more prominent players in the sphere of textured condoms are listed as follows:

Ribbed CondomDescriptionWhere to order
Trojan Stimulations Ribbed Ecstasy
trojan stimulation sribbed
One of the respected condoms brands, the textured condoms offering vies for market share with its enhanced and ultra-smooth lubricant which helps attain a more natural feel. A tapered shape for better fit and comfort of wearing makes this one of the good products available in the market.
One Tantric Pleasures
tantric pleasure
With a tattoo-inspired texture which offers enhanced stimulation and the easy-rolling flared shape, the One Tantric Pleasures is also a good product to try in this segment. You an order it online with fast and discrete shipping.
Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations
trojan her pleasure
Another ground breaking product from the market leader, Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations is made of premium latex for reduced risk and is ribbed and contoured for that extra something!
Durex Pleasuremax
Another respected player in the field of condoms, Durex Pleasuremax is certainly the product that one must try. It consists of a special shape with the inclusion of both raised dots and strategically positioned ribs for enhanced pleasure.
LifeStyles Pleasure Ribbed
With unique construction and low latex scent, this particular condom is a bargain at its price point. It is ribbed to provide the ultimate stimulation.
Impulse Bare Pleasure
impulse bare pleaseure
This particular condom is marketed as a ‘Thrusting’ condom. The outer surface consists of both a ribbed section and a studded section. The uniqueness lies in the fact that in Impulse Bare Pleasure, the condom head consists of the former section while the lower half consists of the latter. It certainly aids in thrust and also improves levels of pleasure!
Trustex Ribbed and Studded
Trustex Ribbed and Studded
Trustex ribbed and studded condoms are made from premium quality latex and are electronically tested to meet safety regulations. The condoms consists of ribs and studs covering the entire circumference for added levels of stimulation.
Sir Richard’s Classic Ribbed Condoms
Sir Richard’s Classic Ribbed
Sir Richard’s Classic Ribbed Condom is unique in the sense that the condom is made from natural latex and does not contain any chemicals to negate sperm motility – namely parabens, glycerines or any form of spermicides. It has low latex odor and is made of premium lubricants to ensure comfortable sex.
Lifestyles THRYLL
Lifestyles THRYLL
Lifestyles THRYLL is a studded condoms with an array of over 100 studs located on the outer surface of the condom. The studs are carefully placed to aid stimulation and the condom is manufactured to be long lasting, with requisite lubrication.
Playboy Lubricated Dotted Condoms
Playboy Lubricated Dotted Condoms
From the house of Playboy, Playboy Lubricated Dotted condoms are made from 100% premium latex and are electronically tested for quality and rigor. The condoms are adequately lubricated and the surface is adorned with studs to increase sexual satisfaction.

The aforementioned products are some of the market leaders in the field of textured condoms. However, there are other products too which is worth a mention in this segment. To name a few, there is- Rough Rider Studded, Atlas Studded Condoms, Caution Wear Wild Rose, Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded, Trustex Ribbed and Studded Lubricated Condoms among others.

If one is facing a mid-life crisis, or if one is looking at tools to add a new zing factor into their sex lives, then one must certainly try textured condoms on offer!

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